Who we are

We are a small start up who believe that you don’t need to have a complicated product to succeed. By developing great browser add-ons, we are able to connect to our audience by providing them simple solutions to their daily problems. And because of that, we are where we are today.

We are composed of teams who are experts in their own tech stack. Some of them were self-learners who learned how to code through Youtube and watching tutorials. But our team has a long history of great results as indicated by the past reviews of our clients.

Aside from our development teams, we also have marketing teams who take care of the creative side of the job. With their diverse background in design, they are able to create great design solutions to the challenges imposed by our clients.

What we do

We build, build, build. When there’s a problem, we find a way to create a solution that is practical. We are not coding so other coders will understand, we code in a way that even a person who never used a computer will be able to use it with ease.

We solve problems. Our first step is finding the best solution that will provide maximum result. We think of the steps we do and we make sure that it is the optimal step that you should take. We also provide suggestions to our clients so they can make the right choice.

We want to make our services accessible to everyone who might need it. We want you to have a great solution to your browsing activities so try it today!