Most frequent questions and answers

Beta testing means testing the final draft of the app or add-on before it is publicly released. This is the time to check for bugs and report them right away. Expect that there might be some problems when using an add-on that is still on the beta-testing phase.

Check if you allow automatically installing of the add-on. If not, just manually approve this application so it will be installed properly. If it is still doesn’t work, kindly contact our technical support team so they can guide you in installing your downloaded add-on.

Technically yes. But remember that free versions of these apps have several limits. There is no other way to remove those limits but to subscribe to the premium service. However, if you feel like free version is enough for you, then by all means, continue using it forever.

Yes. Our apps are tested repeatedly to make sure that there are no virus or malware connected. We tested it in our own facility to make sure that we won’t have problems like that. If you encounter a similar problem, please let us know immediately so we can offer a fix.

That means we stopped the development of that add-on. It is considered as phased out but you can still use it. The thing is, we won’t have any updates anymore and it will only use the current OS requirement that was originally set in the last update.

Yes, you can get the free personal version when you become a beta-tested. But we have a strict requirement for you to get it. For more details, contact our recruitment team so they can explain to you properly about this part.