How To Avoid Online Scams


Since we are always using our browsers to do our daily activities, it is inevitable that we become the target of some malicious online activities that are meant to get money from us. There are already thousands if not millions of victims across the globe that became prey of these voracious online predators.

However, there are some steps that you can take to protect yourself from these scammers. Note that the most important part of this is your responsibility to have patience to check and research first before committing to any online financial transaction. However, if you want to have some signs you can spot, we have listed the following guide for you.


1. Review is important.

Check if they have a site where you can read what other people are telling about their services and products. Also, don’t stop there. Try to look for these people if they actually exist. Some scammers just use random stock photos to appear legit so always check if the people actually insisted.

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2. Always ask for proof of service.

It could be a physical store or a photo of the actual product. Ask as many as you can to make sure that the product you are buying exists. In this way, you can avoid being duped because of some photos randomly taken online.

3. You can use an escrow payment.

An escrow protects you from scammers because it works two ways. You will need confirmation before they release the money to the seller. So if you didn’t receive anything, you are still protected.

4. Download add-ons to detect lowly rated site.

We have an add-on that will help you determine if a site has low ratings from other visitors. This is a sure sign that they are doing some malicious things that’s why people rated them low. This add-on will give you an alert so you can be more particular with your activity in that site.

If you are working hard to earn and enjoy it by shopping online, there are also a lot of scammers who are working twice as hard to get your hard earned money. So make sure you are protected by doing the above suggestions.