List of Our Amazing Add Ons You Can Download Today

Yes, there are several amazing software you can use to probably do what our services can offer but let’s face it. Most of the time, we are only using our browsers and opening a new software to use is not an ideal option for us. That’s why we are here to rescue you in that dire situation. Here are some of our amazing web add-ons that you can download and use in your browser.


Form Recovery

Sometimes, it really sucks when you are filling out a form and then suddenly the timer runs out or you accidentally left the page. Don’t worry, our form recovery will help you with that. In just one click, you will have all the details that you filled in there back so you don’t have to type them all again. For example if you are going to buy adult traffic and you suddenly closed your website, then it’s fixed right away!

Web Clipping

Sometimes, you are talking with someone and you need to take a screenshot of something to show what you are talking about. Or, you found a very particularly funny scene in a video and you want to share it? Don’t worry, you can easily take a screenshot from your web browser using this add-on.

Ad Blockercomputer

We know sometimes it’s annoying to watch a video then suddenly an ad will pop up. That’s why you might want to consider downloading an ad blocker. It helps you set preferences and to prevent unwanted advertisements from ruining your web browsing experience. Therefore will have a massive targeted traffic plus get more likes guaranteed because visitors will likely stay in the site. Here’s our recommend of Where to Buy Web Traffic

Password Manager

This is particularly useful to those who have a lot of passwords in different websites. If you are very particular with security, you probably use different passwords in different websites. But sometimes, keeping track of them is a huge pain so you need this web extension to help you manage all your passwords in one place.

Privacy Protector

Have you ever wondered why some of the ads in your browser are appealing to you, as if they know where you are and what you want? It’s because of the cookies that allow some sites to monitor your activities. Our privacy protector will help you to protect your privacy by crushing these cookie request so you are safe.

Keyboard Extensions

Sometimes, you are working on your own and you want to play some media but you want to do it fast. You are hoping that you can just push some buttons on your keyboard so you can control them. Ask no more because you have that option now. With our keyboard extensions, we can now control whatever video or music you are playing.


Tab Colors

This extension is all about the looks of your browsing experience. Sometimes, people use it to easily recognize which site is which especially is they are using a lot of other websites. But of course, if you want it for aesthetic purposes, then go ahead, Download now!

Aside from all of these web add-ons, we have a lot of other things for you to check and download. If you are in the internet business, for example you have a website or a blog, we have a lot of browser add-ons that can help you buy unique visitors for your website. Just browse through our site and enjoy!

Social Media Feed

We can’t decline that social media has a significant influence on every business and almost every categories website. Each social platform has different target users and different type or content style that relevant to your business, so it’s essential to draw them across the platform to where they feel more comfortable and quick to engaging. Now we have tools which embed Instagram feed. Now you can buy followers and get a higher conversion across both platforms.